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5 Simple Stress Relievers

Health Fitness Revolution (Houston Fitness Blog) 8/11 11:43A Health Fitness Revolution
With work, kids, and bills, life can get pretty hectic and, above all else, stressful . It’s normal and common to feel like you’re backed into a corner and need a way out at times like this so we looked at the most effective ways to relieve stress...

Tips to fuel your vegetarian or vegan child

Houston Style Magazine (Health) 8/11 8:36A Style Magazine Newswire
When pursuing a vegetarian or vegan diet, it’s important to be thoughtful about planning meals to ensure sufficient nutrient intake. Parents of vegetarian or vegan athletes should be sure to feed their children nutritious meals to fuel them for...

The 5 Best Benefits of Self-Care

Health Fitness Revolution (Houston Fitness Blog) 8/11 8:35A Health Fitness Revolution
Self-care is not selfish. It is necessary to nurture your relationship with yourself in order to manage your health and wellness. Self-care means taking care of oneself so that daily tasks can be accomplished such as going to work, taking care of...

5 Tips for Triathlons

Health Fitness Revolution (Houston Fitness Blog) 8/11 6:40A Health Fitness Revolution
Triathlons are renowned for their difficulty and the physical athleticism required to participate in them. Whether you are a seasoned runner, swimmer, biker, or someone eager to start participating in triathlons, it’s still quite a daunting...

Moderna CEO says Covid vaccines will evolve like an iPhone

Houston Style Magazine (Health) 8/11 6:19A CNN/ Newswire
Forget taking two to three Covid shots a year. Moderna hopes to roll out a single-dose annual booster to cover the coronavirus, the flu and another common respiratory virus within the next five years.

How Altitude Affects the Body

Health Fitness Revolution (Houston Fitness Blog) 8/10 11:04A Health Fitness Revolution
Many don’t think about how the topography of their region affects them. Altitude can hold a very direct influence on your life and health. The higher you climb into the atmosphere, the thinner the air gets. Every breath contains less oxygen and...
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